martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008

Last entry...

Hi!!! a todos.Esta es la ultima entrada que hacemos para el blog, pues el semestre esta por terminar, quizás sea también la ultima actividad que haremos con el teacher Cabrales, pues no se si no vuelva a dar clases el siguiente año.
Mi opinión sobre esta actividad de escribir en ingles en el blog ,me gusto mucho por que me ayudo a desarrollar mi habilidad de redacción y también a aprender nuevo vocabulario ya que a veces no sabia como escribir algunas palabras, de vez en cuando hicimos desidia y dejamos el blog olvidado por una semana pero pues era por que en ocasiones teníamos mucha tarea, con esto no quiere decir que la materia de ingles haya sido menos importante pero pues era preferible dejarlo para el final por que pues después de todo el estrés ,esta actividad por lo menos a mi me relajaba.

Esta actividad de escribir fue muy practica y para nada aburrida, ademas en cierta parte nos obligamos a nosotros mismos a hacer algo que será útil para nuestro desarrollo como alumnos de la carrera de ingles, así que creo que esta idea del blog de parte del teacher Cabrales fue cool!! , y pues me da gusto haberlo tenido como maestro, pues es una persona con mucha experiencia y conocimiento, en realidad admiro la habilidad que tiene para con el ingles, y no es por halagarlo pero en realidad hay que reconocer que es una persona capaz y por la manera como es, nos muestra que si queremos hacer algo podemos solo es cuestión de empeño.

Bueno pues sin desviarme del tema que es mi punto de vista acerca del blog ,como mencionaba me pareció muy bueno y estaría muy bien que siguiéramos escribiendo en el, para compartirlo entre nosotros aunque ya no sea requisito para la materia. Bueno pues es todo por el momento y aprovecho para desearles unas muy bonitas vacaciones y Feliz Navidad por anticipado por que ya no nos veremos,,BYE!!!...

Christmas!!! is coming soon

Christmas for Mexicans, in traditional homes and rural areas, is a religious holiday.

It is a celebration of the Nativity. This means the birthday of Our Lord Jesus. In order to prepare for the day of symbolic commemoration, we have the "Posadas". These celebrations are a "Novena" or nine days before the 24 which is the "Noche Buena" or "Holy Night".

These Posadas are an enactment of looking for lodging of St. Joseph and Virgin Mary, called The Pilgrims going to Bethlehem for the Census according to the Scriptures. In Spanish we called them: "Los Peregrinos, San José y la Virgen María". Each family in a neighborhood, will schedule a night for the Posada to be held at their home, starting on the 16th of December and finishing on the 24th on Noche Buena.

Every home will have a Nativity scene. The hosts of the home are the innkeepers, and the neighborhood children and adults are Los Peregrinos, who have to request lodging through singing a simple chant. All carry small lit candles in their hands and four teenagers of about the same height are chosen to carry Los Peregrinos, which are two small statues of St. Joseph leading a donkey, which Virgen Mary is riding sidesaddle. The head of the procession will have a candle inside of a paper lamp shade that looks like an accordion but open at the top and it is called a "Farolito" or little lantern.

The Peregrinos will ask for lodging in three different houses but only the third one will allow them in. That will be the house that is supposed to have the Posada for that evening.
Lately, these traditions have been modified. For example, the Posadas are now nine parties that are celebrated in differentes friends homes before Christmas.
Christmas is now celebrated the American style, with Santa Claus, the meals and presentes, mostly among the affluent people.

book report (rewrote)

"The stolen letter"

I recently read the stolen letter by Edgar Allan Poe, a book about a stolen letter which caused a big problem but finally an intelligent man Auguste Dupin rescued it and received a big reward for his courage. It is an interesting and fascinating story that describes mysterious problem because nobady knew where the letter was.

In Paris, just after dark one evening in the autumn, two friends were in Auguste's library when suddenly Monsieur G. (the head of Paris police department) arrived asks them for help and advice because he didn't know what he had to do to find the stolen letter.

he thought it was inthe Minister's apartment.

The central theme of the book, a mysterious problem that Monsieur G. must resolve, is how a strange man resolved and saved the letter only using his intelligence without the help of others.

The main characters are C. August Dupin, Monsieur G, and the Minister who stole the letter.
Each one had differnt points of view about the place where they thought the letter was.

My favorite character was Dupin because he thought in a logical way and went to search the letter at the Minister's house only based in the description that Monsieur G told him.

I like the story. The author involved me with the suspense and I was waiting to know what would happen.
I would recommend the book to anyone who likes the mystery.I think most of people like to read this kind of stories because they catch the readers' attention and causes that we want to know more and want to know what comes next.

The Wizard of Oz...

Hey! This weekend was too long, I was very busy doing my homework, you know it was a lot ,besides it ,I read a book called the Wizard of Oz .The history is about a little girl Dorothy, who lives in Kansas; One day a cyclone blew her house where she lives with her uncle Henry, her aunt Em and her dog Toto.
That day Dorothy went to a strange place where four witches and short men in blue hats live, Dorothy started to cry because she wanted to come back with her family but she didn’t know the way. So the witch that received her told Dorothy that she can go with the wizard of the Emerald city to ask him for help.
In the road to Emerald city Dorothy and her dog found some friends: the scarecrow, the tin man and the lion.
The scarecrow wanted to have brain, the tin man wanted to have a heart, and the lion wanted to be brave, so they went to Dorothy to visit the wizard’s house.
The wizard asked them for something, he wanted that they killed the bad witch of the West, then they did, but for their surprise for them was that the Wizard f Oz was a fake and he couldn’t give they any help. All of Dorothy’s friends were very angry when they discovered the lie of the “wizard” and forced to the old man to help them.
At last all the wishes that every one has come true and they were happy and Dorothy and her dog could come back with their family to Kansas.

In my opinion the book is so good, the story has a kind of innocence and shows us that if we want to do anything we can do it, also in it we can see the important that is the friendship and teaches us several basic values and deals like things are easier if we try to get they asking for help.

You can enjoy the reading because all the characters are nice and innocents and they can teach you, one interesting thing for you life...

martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008


You like someone, but don't know what's in her or his mind? most of the time we don't take the risk and prefer to stay quiet rather than say our felings to our love.

... Mark was in love with Jenny the first day he saw her. They work together in the same team and have been very good friends. They usually talk about work and some of the personal life, Mark knows she is single, and wants to ask her out. But... is afraid of loosing a friend and a great colleague... it's been almost eight months but still he is not sure what is in her mind...

Today Jenny has returned from two weeks vacation, she tells Mark about her boyfriend she made during the vacation... There is a sad smile on Mark's face... he is not sure how to react... Seeing Mark's face Jenny speaks in her mind - "Mark I am sorry... but I waited for you for eight months..."

Are you like Mark or Jenny, who wants to break-ice but don't know how to do so? Most of the time we are not able to break the ice because we are not sure what is in other persons' mind and are afraid of spoiling the friendship and making fool of ourselves.

Some times we fall in love with the wrong people ,but what does it matter?if this make you feel a little bit of hapiness and "Happiness is finding love through giving love rather than through receiving it."don't you think so? well see ya later.

lunes, 3 de noviembre de 2008

Are you still complaining?

I received an Email from a friend this week ,I felt worry and I want to share this pics I hope ‘u won’t be bothered by the pictures I felt homesick for those kids but the moral is to appreciate and be satisfied with what we have we are luckier and better than millions of poor people in this world those people don’t seek for prosperity and luxury, they just need the main sources of living food, shelter and clothes.
We should be thankful for what we have and stop complaining about buying more expensive stuff!!!